Events Are Fun!

Events are fun! Planning fun, exciting events that keep your team happy is hard. But we’re here to help.
Choose either Hosted or Set-Up to make your life easier.

Hosted Events

Let our knowledgeable staff help with planning holiday parties, big celebrations, or just a simple bar for a meetup group. Our team will ensure you have friendly, knowledgeable bartenders there to wow your guests and so you don’t have to lift a finger. We’ll handle everything and you can actually enjoy yourself.

Set-Up Events

Short on budget or prefer to create your own cocktails and dreams? We’ll plan, bring all the ingredients, and set up for you, just let us know how much help you need. Your team can self-serve or use your own celebrity bartender.

Specialty Events

Beer, sake, wine, whiskey, craft non-alcoholic cocktail tastings. We can do it all. Just ask and we’ll deliver.
Oakland, California