Sit back. Relax. And actually enjoy the event.

You're making me look like a rockstar!

-Kristi @ NGINX

We bring everything so you don't have to.

Want a standard beer and wine bar? Our event packages include everything you need. We'll bring cups, ice, openers, tables, and linens. We'll set up, serve, and then clean up after ourselves. It'll be like we were never there.

Customize your own crafty selection

Having a themed happy hour? Our Account Managers are here to create customized drink packages to match your event. We will create themed custom cocktails, choose a flight a whiskey, or feature all local brands. Dream big - we'll make it happen.

Tight budget? We've got you.

We understand that sometimes you have a small budget and are asked to deliver something huge. Let us know what your limits are, and we'll recommend a package that fits your needs.

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