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5 Office Coffee Machines That Are Perfect For Your Office

coffee machines that will crush your every need

Coffee is critical. You don’t want to settle for halfway decent coffee, you want the best value for the price you pay. When it’s the only thing that keeps you from face planting into your keyboard, you know coffee is not something to take lightly. The right tools matter, and so does the coffee, the […]

Need A Great Reason to Drink Coffee? We Have 6 For You

image of coffee

Coffee has some amazing benefits. While it can’t work miracles, though some would disagree with this statement, it can help in other ways. Aside from preventing murder and keeping a person fully awake for 2 days straight, coffee can improve a person’s health. It can help protect against certain diseases, decrease the risk of others, […]

7 Reasons You Need Food & Beverages In The Office

Image of food and beverages in the office

There are more reasons to provide food and beverages in the office than there are reasons against it. Ever get the munchies in the midst of a brainstorming session? That’s when a quick snack could come in handy. Or what about when you’re at your desk come 3:59 pm. Ever think about grabbing a cold […]

How to Optimize your Office for Healthy Habits

Image of coffee cup in an office environment

What Experts are Saying About your Choice of Beverage Ever wonder how to promote a healthier lifestyle in your office space? You probably weren’t until we brought it up. Let’s pause here a moment. It’s crucial to know what you’re drinking whether it’s coffee, tea, or alcohol… right? Of course it is! You’re putting it […]