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5 Office Coffee Machines That Are Perfect For Your Office

coffee machines that will crush your every need

Coffee is critical. You don’t want to settle for halfway decent coffee, you want the best value for the price you pay. When it’s the only thing that keeps you from face planting into your keyboard, you know coffee is not something to take lightly. The right tools matter, and so does the coffee, the […]

7 Reasons You Need Food & Beverages In The Office

Image of food and beverages in the office

There are more reasons to provide food and beverages in the office than there are reasons against it. Ever get the munchies in the midst of a brainstorming session? That’s when a quick snack could come in handy. Or what about when you’re at your desk come 3:59 pm. Ever think about grabbing a cold […]

It’s Undeniable… Flexibility is Critical to Your Success

Flexibility has more of an effect on the workplace than you can probably imagine. Ever hear of a compromise? It’s the practical foundation for conflict resolution. A compromise is a settlement of a dispute reached by opposing sides. Let us think of flexibility in these terms. We’re talking about an agreement between those who crave […]