Save Time and Money

Office Meal Solutions

A fresh & fancy take on grab-and-go

The Meal Fridge

Make food waste a thing of the past! Eliminate food (and budget!) waste by installing a meal fridge. Meals not eaten are fresh for 3 days – enjoy the next day and save on money and time. Set it and forget it (and never order lunch again). No rental fees, reduce waste, reduce cost, win-win-win!

The Lunch Program

Individually packaged, wholesome meals in reusable containers delivered fresh on your schedule. Order as needed, we’ll take care of the rest.

The Party Platter

Party planning but make it easy peasy! From cheese and charcuterie plates, finger sandwiches, and more. Whatever brings your team together, nourish and delight them with bites tailored towards your event

Companies save up to 35% over traditional catering with our meal programs

  • Fixed cost for easy budgeting
  • No waste
  • Tax free
  • Bundle with snacks & save
  • Chef-crafted in-house
  • Local & organic
  • 3 day shelf life
  • Closed-loop sustainable packaging