5 Ways to Turn Your Office Break Room into an Employee Hangout

Has your office break room seemed a little empty lately?

If so, it might be time for a change. A recent survey showed that 88% of employees report feeling refreshed and recharged after taking a break, and a reenergized employee is likely going to be more productive than one that’s half asleep at their desk.

In order to help encourage your employees to take time for a little R&R, it’s important to give them a place where they actually want to spend their breaks. Here are 5 ways to turn your boring office break room into a happening employee hangout.


1. Choose Furniture That’s Both Functional and Comfortable

If your employees tend to be stuck at a desk all day, then the last thing they probably want to do on their break is sit on a hard chair at a small table. Consider offering multiple seating options in your break room, including comfortable chairs and couches, and perhaps even picnic tables and benches. You may even want to put some of these furniture items on wheels so workers can customize the space to suit their needs.


2. Offer Free Food and Drinks

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Offering your employees free food and drinks can help bring them into the break room and keep their energy levels up during the day, especially if they’re healthy. In order to make your offerings more inclusive, consult with your staff about their dietary needs and preferences, including any allergies. And don’t forget the coffee!


3. Throw in Some Multiplayer Games

If you really want to make your break room feel more like a hangout, then you should throw some fun things in there. Consider adding multiplayer games such as table tennis, foosball, board games, and cards. You could even bring in a TV and invest in a video game console! These kinds of activities will allow employees to blow off some steam and encourage team bonding at the same time.


4. Don’t Forget Some Quiet Spaces

While some employees would be happy to have the games and extra company in the break room, the more introverted ones may appreciate a spot where they can get some peace and quiet. For them, you could create something like a cozy little reading nook in the corner of the room, complete with a community bookshelf. You may not even have to stock it with many books yourself – employees may choose to bring in old books from home and swap them out for new ones.


5. Ask for Feedback

Every workplace is going to be full of unique individuals, so what works for one employee break room may not work for another. If you really want to create a space where everyone will want to hang out at work, then the best thing to do is ask for their feedback and input. What would their ideal break room look like? What kinds of things would it have? Consider asking these types of questions in a company survey or collecting responses in a suggestion box.