Keep your friends close and your snacks closer.

At Office Libations, we ensure ample snacks to keep your team together even when they are apart.

Treat your team to a variety of high-quality snacks from good-for-you to guilty-pleasures. Just like our full-service snacks, we take pride in curating a fun and interesting selection that rotates.

For remote teams, we handle all the logistics from receiving custom ordered items like swag, including notes for the entire team, and accommodating dietary restrictions like gluten-free. We even make it super easy to update addresses for those team members always on the move.

Fill out the form below to talk to one of our account managers. Start looking like the rockstar when you sign up your team for a rotating selection of seasonal treats.

Real people pick the best snacks

I love the variety of snacks that I get. The themes of the boxes and little inside jokes from our office hidden in the box make it so fun to open. I even got to introduce my kids to fruit by the foot! Thats some old school snacks”

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