Convenient Access: Manage all account details in one user-friendly platform.

Product Browsing: Browse and check the availability of items, including out-of-stock ones.
Delivery Photos: View images from past deliveries and services.
Consumption Tracking: Get detailed analytics on your consumption patterns.
Order History: Review and track previous orders.


Wide Selection: Choose from over 600 refreshment and office supply options.
Everything You Need: Snacks, drinks, coffee, utensils, cleaning, and office supplies.
Easy Search: Find products with filters, and save favorites for later.


Automatic Restocking: Sophisticated tracking estimates what needs restocking.
Never Run Out: Predictive ordering ensures you always have your favorite refreshments.
Tailored Deliveries: On-site inventory taken with every delivery for personalized restocking.


Track Trends: Monitor overall refreshment consumption with interactive graphs.
Detailed Insights: View specific product data over selected date ranges.
Informed Decisions: Optimize stock and budget allocation based on consumption analytics.
Cost Management: Identify areas to cut costs or ensure access to needed refreshments.